The TimingAnalyzer (TA)

Using the TimingAnalyzer, you can quickly draw timing diagrams and build libraries of timing diagrams. Using the built-in analysis functions, you can quickly find speed related design issues since setup and hold violations are detected, reported, and shown in the diagrams.

You can draw the diagrams using the GUI or Python scripts. Timing diagrams can be created automatically from simulation VCD files so they can be annotated and used in documentation. Application notes included in the documentation describe how to create Verilog or VHDL monitors that automatically generate timing diagrams.

Notes for New Users

The TA has been designed with focus on timing analysis. As a result, drawing timing diagrams using the GUI is not as easy to use as other programs designed for just drawing timing diagrams. If that is what your are looking for, then maybe one of these other programs is right for you.

The TA is much more than just a simple drawing program. Engineers that need to verify timing on interfaces, chip 2 chip, pipelined logic, math functions, or any logic design can use the timing analysis functions to check their implementations and be confident it will work in hardware.

With Python scripting, you can easily create timing diagrams and perform timing analysis. The user will have full access to every feature and operation from Python so automation is the focus going forward. All GUI operations will use Python scripts behind the scenes to execute the commands.

There are many more features that separate the TA from the other programs available. Refer to the complete list of features listed on the features page.

Future Plans ( Feedback Requested )

Depends on the interest in the TA. When the TA was first started, tools like this were used much more in the industry and were and still are very expensive. The issue now is, how much demand is there for a tool like this and does it support the development needed to finish the program.

To help determine the demand, a poll message “User Thoughts and Opinions ” is posted on the google group.

If you haven’t responded, please do so with your opinions and thoughts to the questions in the poll. The results of this feedback will be used to determine the future plans for the TA.

Thank you, Dan Fabrizio